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Welcome to Stellar Grace, a space for life transformation, powerful spiritual guidance and healing. My name is Hanane Ouazzani, I am an Advanced Channeler, Intuitive Life Coach, and Certified Reiki Healer. I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life and create the reality they dream of, yet may not know how to access the information necessary to do so. I have been assisting thousands of clients world wide with my ability to tap into their energy systems and touch on important details from past, present and future events. I rely on direct telepathic contact with spirit guides, benevolent multidimensional  beings and my clients’ higher selves to provide them with specific and useful information in order to make impactful life changes and carve out a clear path in alignment with their life purpose and spiritual evolvement. Explore my site below, and see how I can help you transform your life today!


What They’re Saying

I Simply cannot say enough great things about this woman. Her insight on everything is always spot on. She gives me the confidence I need to get through every uncertainty. Her guidance has been invaluable, getting me though some of my worst days. Years of counseling got me nowhere but just a few months speaking with Hanane and I feel much stronger as a person. I cannot thank her enough, she is truly an Angel on earth.

Amanda E

Hanane has otherworldly gifts—there is zero debate about it. It is always a shocker reading with her, she pulls back the curtain and reads what is going on like a movie script, you will be blown out of your shoes. The added bonus is how adorable and genuine she is as a human being–a dear heart, completely relatable, intense listener, fabulous work ethic–she gives you her absolute best–all this wrapped around her ASTONISHING–PROVEN– ability. I said before…she needs her own cable TV show. Big love to Hana.

Bebbie P

Hanane was so absolutely right about everything that was said to me, that it has all since come true. As someone rational and logical, I can only say that I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me, but it did.


Hands down the one of the best. All she wanted was a name and no information and she read our whole situation. Not only was she accurate but she really takes pride in what she does. For example, before my session was up she finished with what key points to take away. I needed that along with what would help get the POI to be more receptive to opening up. Thank you…Try her out she’s phenomenal and you wont be disappointed….Blessing to you!

Michell H

She’s the real deal for medium communication. My brother was with her prior to my call and I waited for her line to free up. She told me details of his passing no one knows and who greeted him on the other side and how my brother communicates with me in dreams and moving objects. He spoke through her so clearly and provided healing messages for my parents that they were relieved to learn. I’m blown away!


This was my 1st reading and at 1st I was skeptical because I was trying to connect with my husband that was killed and she felt a female energy but then my husband came through and she said a phrase that he always said and I knew it was him. Hanane gave me peace and closure. She was very extremely on point. I was scared to do this but I am so happy I did and so happy I chose Hana. She is truly gifted.

Amy N

She was able to tell me about two people who had a huge impact in my life, one living one in spirit. The one in spirit she was able to tell me how he passed and answered a question only he would know. She is the best by far.


I am so thankful for my reading with Hanane. Her sincerity honesty, compassion, and advice is so very much appreciated. She was able to provide a lot of helpful information in a short time but also could see the bigger picture and meaning in my situation in order to help me move forward. it was a privilege to chat with her and I am sure I will be back for her help again. Thank you Hanane!


Wow, she is legit and this is coming from a skeptic. she knew things I hand’t told anyone, i am still in amazement over this. This could prove things like remote viewing and time travel are real! I now believe there are people who can see beyond this dimension and what the logical mind can perceive, she is a great example of that. I am so glad I called her, life changing!



A Unique Approach To Spiritual Guidance

I have always been spiritual and  in tune with the non physical aspect of the earthly existence. I believe the universe has a way of guiding us forward throughout our lives, with the help of guides, synchronicity, and our innate knowing also called intuition. I was blessed with the gifts of Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Remote Viewing. I combine these tools with my life experience, and the channeled wisdom of our benevolent guides on the other side of the veil to bring answers, clarity and direction. Channeling the higher realms has been the greatest source of joy and life transforming experiences for both my clients and myself. I make the most of each interaction with both client and guide. My focus is to bring forth awareness, awakening, empowerment and healing through channeling. I am here to teach others how to tune into higher consciousness, reclaim their God given power, attain self mastery, illumination and liberation.

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