Rise Of The Red Dragon: A Psychic Vision Of The Future

Rise Of The Red Dragon: A Psychic Vision Of The Future

” I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”  General Isoroku Yamamoto.

Date of the vision 02/19/2020  Copyright © by Hanane Ouazzani and www.stellargrace.com, Year 2020.

Years ago I heard these wise words once spoken by General Yamamoto, in a Pearl Harbor movie and they stuck with me. Simple yet powerful, they were shelved in the library of my subconscious mind until they became relevant again. In the midst of non stop Coronavirus breaking news, and panic filled projections by the media, I decided to take a break and go on a week long “news detox”. For those who wish to know what a detox procedure is, think of it as a simple act of purging all that is toxic and undesirable from the mind, body and soul. It usually involves unplugging from all electronic devices for a reasonable length of time, strong mental discipline, daily physical exercise, Yoga and mediation.

While sitting still on the evening of day 4 of this regiment, I began to have a spontaneous vision: a type of psychic vision that happens without me trying to focus or see anything. It just appears in my mind’s eye, in very much the same way lucid daydreaming does. This happens to most of us when we are  in a deep state of relaxation (Theta), or calm non thinking state (Alpha). The following is what unfolded so vividly across my mental landscape, a kind of metaphor which I invite you the reader to interpret using your own intuition. The implications of this metaphoric vision are so profound and terrifying, that one can only hope they do not become a reality.  Here it goes:

I saw a very large green clearing, thousands of trees all around it forming what looked like a thick forest stretching as far as the eye can see. The scene looked calm and serene, almost uneventful until a most unusual creature began to come to focus. A long double headed snake emerged from the west, moving quietly and slowly across the lush grass and headed towards the east. A strange feeling came over me as I watched this creature continue on its path, though quiet and non threatening it seemed, the feeling continued to intensify for reasons that were not yet clear. It was a mixture of alarm, suspicion and intrigue all at once. Perhaps it was its very unusual shape, two heads attached to one body. Or maybe it was the strange lifeless beige color of its skin. Maybe it was the creepy silence that felt so ominous, as if it were up to something evil. This feeling persisted as the vision continued so clearly, then suddenly the creature stopped, and one of its heads opened its mouth exposing sharp pointy fangs. With one swift movement of its one head, it dug its fangs deep into the earth, releasing much of its venom for what seemed to be an eternity. The venom spread through the earth, penetrating roots of tree, plants as it continued to spread deeper down until it reached a very large cave. The walls of the cave became infected with this venom so quickly. The longer it traveled, the more potent this venom became, killing all life touched by it, the plants withered and the water became poisoned. When the venom reached the cave, it spread into two directions East and West poisoning the massive natural structure, floor to ceiling and everything it contained.

Meanwhile on the surface, the double headed snake now retracted its fangs satisfied by its reach, retreated into the depths of its hole far West, in the land of giant trees. Leaving no traces behind it, and still preserving at least half of its venom for future release. Back inside the cave now completely infected and poisoned, a deafening growl from deep within was heard, causing the walls to shake, and the ground to crack open. Large rocks and stone began to fall like rain crushing and destroying everything they landed on. Out of this apocalyptic scene, emerged a giant Dragon…a Dragon of fire… a Red Dragon in all his glory and unmatched power. Awakened, infected and angry, this formidable red giant began spewing fire burning all in its pat. A torching so powerful it melted rocks, and covered the sky in a red fiery blaze … Realizing most of his cave was infected, he tucked his wings and continued spewing and spewing, reducing everything around him to ashes and burning every trace of the slimy white venom. This lasted days and weeks until the first winds of spring began howling inside the cave. Next…

At this point in the vision, I was expecting to see a tired Dragon collapsed next to a mountain of ashes. To my amazement, not only was he still standing tall and strong, but he now looked less angry and more determined, as if he had a plan… or destination.

This most magnificent creature, still rustling and kicking, began untucking his immensely powerful wings covering the sky with their full span. Determined to no longer spare the double headed snake, deeply regretting not cutting both of its heads off, after so many repeated blows and covert acts of war by this slimy creature of evil … “I could have destroyed him completely”  the Dragon thought “yet here I am again, lamenting my past foolish attempts at diplomacy with the devil. I kept making the same mistake and expected a different result. I tired to be reasonable, patient and merciful even while the mad lowly creature tried to severe my hand repeatedly and without provocation. MY hand! The hand that still feeds it, the hand that created and built everything in its rotten artificial little world!” spews fire into the sky and continues: ” Its own demise is what it seeks, and total destruction is what it will get! Westbound I am, to deliver the blow of blows, in the name of the mother and all the innocents that dwell upon her surface. Tis now a crime to stand by, a liability to trust, a mistake to forgive, and an obligation to strike evil at its roots”

The fiery Red Dragon flew West to the land of the skyscraping trees, where the parasitic double headed creature hides. Deep in the borrows of a rotting land, polluted by poisons, prejudice, greed, corruption and all manner of diseases of the body, mind and soul. The stench became stronger and stronger as the Dragon approached the eastern shores of this God forsaken continent where all that is sacred has long been abandoned. The Dragon’s exquisite sense of smell guided him right into the snake’s hiding place, the pit of pits, the devil’s hole, the deep underground base where the most unimaginable horrors known, and unknown to man have been taking place. It is here that the Dragon gathered all of its power to deliver its deadliest blow, but the snake is no ordinary snake. Clever, cunning and now frightened, he begins to travel deeper down the barrow. As the tunnels get narrow in some parts, wider in others for several miles he finally arrives at the bottom of what now looks to be a massive cavern. This is a very sophisticated cavern, showing signs of a very intricate underground system that must have taken years of digging and loads of explosives to complete. While most in the “free” world set their alarms around sunrise to begin their grind, this underground city’s day kicks off after midnight and peaks around 3:00 am. Its the magic hour, they wake when the “free”world above is sound asleep, their work days are certainly shorter and far more efficient and productive it would seem, but their master credits his kind’s advanced technology for which every ranking somebody their their soul and their kind to obtain. I could go on describing more of this cavern but this is where the vision gets weird. What was down there below, were not other snakes, they were human. Mostly men wearing some type of uniform ranging from deep dark blue, to green and at the very top of them were larger men dressed in solid black. They seemed to be the order givers, the rest had no life in their eyes or divine spark (soul). How this is relevant to our future? I am not entirely sure, I could write a entire book about why this part of the vision was relevant to me. Perhaps you may wonder “What if the most sophisticated bases known to man are not on the surface?” And what is a “draft”? If you are curious enough and skilled at digging, I am certain  you will find surprising answers.

Fascinating primeval appeal of fire and symmetry: a fantastic animal, a fiery monster, a fire-breathing dragon.

Back to the Dragon, who by now has spewed one mighty ball of fire after another, into the snake’s hole located at the base of a mountain… the great underground city where no natural light has ever traveled was now being lit by fire! The snake is trapped and suffocating, as two essential elements a DUMB does not allow for, are good ventilation or natural light. Two most essential life supporting elements, sunlight and oxygen, lacking on a site that never sees the light of the Creator, but perhaps there lies the poetry. Other life supporting essentials are sovereignty, freedom, integrity and honor… all sufficiently lacking deep in the underground as well.

The snake in full panic mode, smoke surrounding him and blinding him, is forced to begin his journey back up towards the opening of his deep underground barrow. He must think and act quickly, knowing he will either die of suffocation if he remains under, or by scorching if he faces the dragon above. Strangely enough the snake quickly calculated that sustaining a some burns is more tolerable than asphyxiation inside a dark hole…Even the wicked are said to instinctively look for the “light” in a “tunnel” when they cross over. A concept none can yet explain to my satisfaction. Why would we look for the light inside a tunnel after we leave this world? Seems rather claustrophobic and very counterintuitive. I’ve never seen tunnels leading “upwards” but thats a topic for another article. Anyways, I learned to never neglect even the most seemingly insignificant details, especially in metaphoric visions, as they often hold a lot of meaning that may not seem so obvious at first.

Approaching the entrance of the burrow on the surface, the snake now braces himself for a certain death. Very slowly and carefully sticking his head out for air, trembling and unable to see clearly what is in front of him or behind him. Much to the his surprise, the great Red Dragon decides not to kill him, and instead of spitting fire at him, he begins to torch the space around him leaving a ring of fire. Satisfied by the result, the Dragon lifts off and disappears while the snake scared and confused, tries to assess the damage and realizes he has been trapped by a circle of fire. The snake’s amused arrogant smirk quickly returns, when he realizes what the dragon had done, and thinking surely this must be a joke. ” Well that was worth my long hastened crawl!!!”

Slightly disgusted now, the snake travels back down to the artificial safety of the deep, underwhelmed perhaps by the Red Giant’s performance, and certainly not planning to admit defeat to his men or even himself. It was simply out of the question and not his “ruling”style. Even when suffering a terrible injury or a great loss, never was it in the snake’s cold veins, to show the slightest sign of weakness to enemies, and especially not to his captured servants. He began to create in his mind, an elaborate heroic tale of triumph over a mighty Dragon he had slain. The more he rehearsed this fiction in his mind, the more intense and thrilled he felt, and the more he began to believe it. This was not by accident you see! This to the snake, is a tried and true trick of the ages: “Tell a fantastic a lie, repeat it constantly with absolute passion and it endures… in the minds and the hearts of those who think not for themselves”. The snake had no reason to use anything new, why change what has worked for him and his ancestors for centuries. History is filled with shrines, monuments and scriptures that have endured, long after those who inspired them.

Fire Dragon

And so as he calculated, his devoted men relished the great tale, cheered their heads off and bowed in renewed devotion to their brave leader the “Dragon Slayer”. To his insatiable two headed ego, misplaced admiration is like blood to a vampire. the more they cheered, the more elaborate the lie grew. The snake’s ancestors were indeed correct, none of the men even stopped to consider or question, why their hero had abandoned them so swiftly and without the slightest hesitation when the Dragon attacked. But he of course, he was ahead of their thinking, thousands of years ahead to be exact! Every calculated lie had a fantastic twist and turn, keeping them on the edges of their seats, clanking their primitive glasses filled with red wine and utterly incapable of containing their excitement. He was first to run, assuming and exercising his right to life above all the others. The others whom he viewed as inferior, primitive and unworthy, the ones with no divine spark (soul) left in them. They had given everything to be his devoted servants, most have never even met or seen him. Their master is a top secret, highly classified, invisible untouchable and that is all they “need” to know. To the snake he committed no crime, for he took was was freely given, spark and all…

A few days come and go, and in the safety of his deep underground castle, the snake has been trying to analyze what took place above. Was it a warning? was the dragon simply unable to see his target in the dark? did he mark this territory so he can bring back his army to launch the “real” attack? what was this all about. Of course the higher ups amongst the ones with no divine spark, were summoned and given the tasks of remotely viewing, spying, monitoring and devising a counter attack on the Dragon in his cave by any means necessary. One of these higher ups in this “lowerarchy” of the underground, seems to have some concerns and tried to remind the Snake that it was they who attacked first, and that a second attack would be most unwise. You see, amongst the “no divine spark” kind, signs of reason and logic can seldom be found if not purely for self preservation, then certainly to impress a master who is never impressed! Dismissed immediately with “I do not summon the inferior to my court to have a debate. You do as I order! You do so to my total satisfaction…nothing less!” petrified and extremely apologetic, the big guys in their uniforms bow down and very nervously walk away facing the master, as none is allowed to ever turn their back until to him they are out of his sight. When the first uniformed “no divine spark” minion surfaces several days later, they find an apocalyptic scene. So sign of life anywhere for miles, for the first time, the outside looked as dead as the inside. Now the circle of fire had long burned out, but before some of it did travel, burning and consuming everything in its path. The mountain was the color of ash, and the forest around it burned to the roots. The Dragon’s blow destroyed slowly but thoroughly! While the snake was scheming below, the flames from the ring left by the Dragon traveled west destroying all life including the snakes food stock. The double headed white snake in the end dies of starvation amid chaos, destruction and despair. The double headed snake was arrogant, vicious, spiteful and evil… but it was his terrible lack of wisdom that brought his demise, for even a sleeping silent giant is still a giant!

It is a very dark, dramatic and apocalyptic but this is why I initially decided not to share it. It came to me on the evening of February 19th 2020. Visions can be very vivid, detailed and also full of metaphors. Many meanings can be derived from the above but I prefer to let you the reader interpret it. Looking back now at all that is happening in the world, I wonder where the home of the snake was? or was a metaphor for evil in general? and was the Red Dragon symbolic of China? Who were the men in those uniforms working for a ruthless “snake like” master? Often visions leave more questions unanswered.

**Dedicated to Army Lieutenant Colonel Stevens, and the Nazi medical crew at the Dulce Deep Underground Military Base (Los Alamos New Mexico) who went to unimaginable lengths, and still failed miserably to break me down let alone coarse me to use my abilities to support their evil. There is a reason why none of you have the abilities you covet and commit crime for and its called conscience!

My repeated refusal to join you in your work of savagery, is a great badge of honor I wear with pride! No amount of kidnappings, injections, implants, electrocution, stalking, or low flying black shoppers will change that. I fear no evil and I fear no death, at the end of this life I will face my creator with my badge of honor. My soul will carry with me everything I experienced and learned. Everything I have done and everything that was done to me. You can erase the memories from the mind but not from the soul Lieutenant! Neither you or your team of Nazi doctors will escape what is waiting for you on the other side.  I will be waiting there with your dossier of crimes. I will do what I have always done with the likes you, deliver the most just and fair punishment and see it through. None can teach you to “see” Stevens, just like none can teach you to have a soul.

Copyright © by Hanane Ouazzani and www.stellargrace.com, Year 2020.

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