Compassion Deficit Disorder: A Modern Epidemic & Its Impact On Earth

Compassion Deficit Disorder: A Modern Epidemic & Its Impact On Earth

“Tis no measure of health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society…” Jiddu Krishnamurti

If I were an angel incarnated in flesh amongst humans, for the sole purpose of studying their behavior and monitoring their evolution to report back to the heavens. A celestial missionary who’s title could be described as “planetary”, or “cosmic” anthropologist… hailing from an angelic campus in my home “the sky kingdom”. What would I report back to my angelic professors? Lets say my thesis was titled “The case for saving the race”, the whole purpose of which is to convince the council of elders in the sky kingdom of revising their position on not stopping human extinction… in fact, lets say most of these heavenly elders have completely given up on the human race due its ongoing violence, greed, and other self perpetuated evils it has been engaged in for centuries. For centuries, they have been working tirelessly to help the human species evolve spiritually by incarnating many of their own, and sadly have lost so many angels who are now “fallen” in the process. How do you reckon this little experiment would go? Looking around you right now, would you say this cosmic anthropologist can make a case for this most confused of species? What would you think if you were a member of the celestial council of elders? “But they treat the least amongst them so badly and never learn from their mistakes, the worst one being war” might say his or her holiness when asked if humanity is worth saving by the crystalline kingdom…or “Even when they get everything they want, they still want more, and continue to show no compassion for others or even gratitude for anything we’ve provided for them”… Then her holiness, queen of the tree fairies may say ” Oh brothers and sisters, have we not sacrificed for them century after century, have they learned to be better to themselves and to the earth? And what of earth’s first children the trees? Have we not gifted the humans the most magnificent paradise, the most accepting and forgiving of all divine creation, and they destroyed it! Today, there only lives less than 10% of all species the human child has come in contact with… plants, animals, trees, insects even air and water they destroyed! Oh Heavenly brothers and sisters forgive them but do let them run their course for the sake of all that is left. They need to spiritually ascend before they are allowed to populate any planet again!” How would a cosmic anthropologist respond? How could they respond, knowing what I know? How could they object seeing what I have in this very short period of time on earth?

For starters, not only would I not dare object to such a powerful and true statement, but I would would even validate it with my own horrific encounters with human violence, greed, hatred, abuse. I would have a very difficult time making a case for any heavenly involvement in such a place, a beautiful planet that has been completely turned into another massive inverted fire ball floating through space. It is said that the first hell used to be a beautiful planet much like earth, but through many millennia of abuse, war and destruction by its inhabitants, turned into an inverted fire ball consuming all the souls that once inhabited her, very much like earth feels at the present.  “But that is so unkind” some of them will say… but you see, truth is neither kind nor unkind, she just is and in plain sight for any who have no aversion to her!

I would tell the council when it is my turn to stand before them again and speak , that “Yes your holinesses, they still struggle with the most basic of rational ideas, their capacity for greed still far exceed theirs for compassion, or even logic. Their science outdated and completely divorced from spirit, which has kept their medicine primitive and incapable of curing too many grave illnesses. They abuse their children and severely traumatize them during the most crucial years of brain development, thus greatly reducing their intelligence and imposing lifelong mental, spiritual, emotional and physical limitations on them before they even have a chance to develop a sense of self… The kind of limitations which most of them spend their entire lives trying to heal unsuccessfully, because they are surrounded by other deeply wounded and traumatized individuals like themselves, including those who are entrusted with the task of caring for their ills. I’ve witnessed and experienced first hand,  many traumas at their hands, while engaging in the most basic of arrangements such work, relationships, cohabitation and even worship. They have normalized trauma to such a degree, that abuse is not only tolerated but rewarded! They protect the criminals amongst them and penalize the innocent. I have seen many such souls, almost always the loving generous ones amongst humans, go through life rarely ever being treated kindly for no fault of their own, but simply by being born in the wrong family, wrong country, or at the wrong time. They marry for all the wrong reasons, they know nothing about love or what it means to love, in fact the term itself has long lost its true meaning. Sadly even with birthing, they seem to only be able to create more trauma and dysfunction… this cycle seems to have no end. They discard their women at their spring, and shame the wise for being born early. They value and reward the dishonest and most selfish amongst them, and mercilessly exploit the honorable ones. In fact, if you asked most of them what the word honor means, you would most definitely receive a confused answer or an insult. Most if not all of their civilizations, have been and still are very patriarchal, socially and spiritually handicapping not just the female but the entire species and they still wonder why they are in such deep turmoils. Even now in the 21st century, a time in which many of their industrialized nations consider themselves at the hight of refinement and advancement, they still do not seem to be able to advance their way out of  greatly, and disproportionately favoring one race over many others simply because the color of skin… Exploiting and abusing other members of their species, has been and remains a self granted right, by those amongst them who consider themselves superior, thus resulting in horrific invasions and genocides some still ongoing. Not one decade since my arrival, has there not been a war by a “civilized” country against a poorer less developed one. Even the planet and the other species upon which their lives completely depend, are also in grave danger… they do not appear to understand yet, that every life form big or small, was created with for a purpose and plays an important part in supporting the miraculous, very intricately woven web of life on their planet. They still believe human life is superior to all, and therefore all must be sacrificed to support its monstrous appetite for consumption and greed. It is profoundly sad your holinesses, but they simply do not seem to be able to accept a better way of treating each other, themselves or their once thriving planet. I once believed they had much to learn from the animals, birds, insects etc..and still maintain these other species are of a much higher consciousness than their human counterpart, for they, despite the horrific human caused devastation of their habitats and food supply, still manage to lead a natural way of life, one more in alignment with divine order and in perfect harmony with the planet. The eagle never hunts more fish when he is full, the fox does not steal land from other foxes and then sells it to the coyotes, a tree is never in danger of being evicted by other trees when it can no longer afford rent, the lioness does not beat her cubs or sexually molest them… only the human commits such horrors against its own kind. Your holinesses, I’ve abandoned all efforts to try to understand how to make it better for this most confused of species, that I since changed the tittle of my thesis to “No hope left for the species”. Quite simply, I am here to resign from my planetary assignment, as natural selection has already began its course… there is not much else left for any of us to do for them sadly, I want out of this experiment before the earth turns into an inferno please…”

I imagine Octavius the eldest of eight ascended masters sitting on the council, not pretending to be in the least bit surprised, then responds “Resignation accepted dear one, yours is the eighty second today, another sad loss for earth and her allies. Very well then heavenly sisters and brothers, let us pray again for the species! ”

To which I would quickly say “If you’ll excuse me your holinesses, I will not be joining you in this prayer. I am off to explore a new frontier! Somewhere in the infinite vastness of this magnificent multiverse! A part untouched, and untarnished… especially one that is not so primitive, savage and utterly violent to the senses.”

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