How To make 2021 Toxic Free

How To make 2021 Toxic Free

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We can all agree that 2020 was not easy for many of us individually and collectively as a species. We have seen the world, change right before our eyes in ways very few of us were prepared for, and this year already seems to be off to an interesting start…

at least here in America it is….     

But does 2021 have to be toxic too? Does it have to be a sequel to last year’s insanity? While many in the media, politics, and the corporate world are beating the drums of fear and doom, do we have to listen? Do we have to be constantly terrified and Anxious to death like they want us to be? Panicking everyday, scared for our lives. Scared for the economy. Scared of breathing oxygen. Scared of hugging a loved one. Sacred of visiting the elderly. Scared of speaking our minds. Scared of doing what we know is right. Scared of standing up to what we know is wrong.

Is this really the best we can do in the face of what is coming? Is this really the best we have to offer as a society? A virus with a 99% survival rate, is allowed to go on crippling the human spirit everywhere? Is this how we’re going to defeat the many challenges ahead?… Knocked down to our knees in a constant state of fear and anticipation of the worst….

No sir. No thank you!

I choose to walk in beauty not in fear, that is my antidote… for it is there, in that place of beauty I find my strength. It is there, I find my spirit… unbroken…uncompromising and free ….

One thing is for certain, is no matter which side you are on, you WILL see things you wont like… things that might upset you and even rob you of your sleep and health, mental and physical… just look at the mental health and suicide statistics for last year alone.

But really, Is being in a state of constant fear the answer to what we face?

Even if what the media and politicians are screaming about is true, and not just a massive psyop of epic proportions,  does that have to be our reality? The message is consistently this: be scared…. Be very scared! The world is ending unless you take a vaccine…. The world is ending unless you buy bitcoin… the world is ending unless you suffocate yourself with a paper cloth…. The world is ending unless: fill in the blank with anyone of the thousand Fear/Obey slogans we have been bombarded with.

But does any of this actually make any sense? To a rational strong people it should not.

Are there only grave problems to broadcast to the world? How many solutions have you heard on national television last year? Here is another question: how many problems whether real or fabricated were you bombarded with last year alone? Would you know any of them exist if you did not stay plugged into the fear mongering networks? Is ugliness all we can grasp of the world around us? Are there no positive things left to celebrate? Why is nature not bothered by any of our hysterias? The sun still rises everyday, the trees are still standing and the animals are still going about their lives unintruded upon by the mad happenings in our society. This begs even questions: Since when did we become a helpless species addicted to drama? At what point does staying informed or misinformed become self abuse? How do we escape it? How do we stay grounded and strong l in the midst of it all, because that Is the basic requirement for surviving catastrophe is being solidly grounded, strong and clear headed. No good decision has ever been the product of a mind crippled by fear… no! Great decisions are only a product of strength, courage and crystal clear minds.

Perhaps this is why we find ourselves in this mess to begin with because those who are entrusted

Have you asked yourself yethy are so few discussions about real tangible solutions taking place? Why aren’t solutions being broadcasted to the world instead of constant drama? What happened to slogans like “every problem has a solution” or “this too shall pass” How in the world did we become so weak and uncreative? This is certainly not the first time the human race has faced catastrophe.

We are programed to think our crisis is the worst crisis in the history of all crises, but I am sorry to say you that history has seen far far worse crises, than a virus with a 99% survival rate. Our ancestors survived far worse… they survived plagues, famines, wars, invasions, volcanic eruptions etc…. etc… and we live to read about them and learn from them through books, documentaries and even movies.

I often find myself wondering what my ancestors did to overcome horrific historical events. Were they constantly afraid, dependent and weakened? I can tell you I learned a lot from going back and looking at my ancestors. I traced my roots as far back as possible and studied what they did, when faced with brutal Roman, Ottoman, French and even Nazi armies,,,they were all outdone and defeated by my ancestors and we remain a free people to this day…

Even though they were outnumbered and outweaponed by these armies at in different centuries, it was their indestructible spirit that saved their civilization their land and paved the way for their great grandchildren, within whom that same spirit still lives. And thats not all, what is extraordinary is their uncanny resilience even in the face of the worst natural disasters and harsh wilderness as well. They survived droughts, massive earthquakes, and very difficult climate conditions.

Yes, my ancestors were warriors! It took a lot to scare a nomadic warrior tribe of the North African plaines. From lions and wild beasts, to harsh terrains, to savage armies of brutal colonialists, the response to every threat was always the same, and I am the result of their courage and supreme survival skills…

Everything they learned and everything they have done is encoded in my very DNA…A virus is not going to change that nor will any corrupt institution seeking to destroy my mind with their feeble attempts at defying all logic and science.

I am no descendent of whips and neither are you! It is going to take a lot more than a stupid virus and ridiculous propaganda to break you. Whomever you are and wherever you come from, I bet you can trace your ancestry back to a tribe who fought some type of tyranny or terrible hardship and won! From disaster to triumph, the strong lived to pass on their genes to you… do not let them down! Remember your ancestors for they still exist in you… literally in your blood. I am not going to embarrass and dishonor my ancestors. I often take into consideration how they would view my actions and decisions, as if they were watching me…And I know they would want me to do as they did with honor and courage.

I am taking all the challenges standing tall on my feet! I will face any challenge with a straight spine and a clear mind. This would never be possible if I allowed myself to fall into the dark tunnel of fear and hatred society is being shepherd into.

We all have it within us… every single one of you has an ancestor who did something extraordinary during a time of great turmoil. How do I know this? Because they survived and passed their genes to you… in their time, life was truly a manifestation of survival of the strongest being weak and scared was simply not an option. The weak died off and their off spring went extinct… only the strong continued expanding their genetic tree. You are living proof of your ancestors power, your ancestors are supreme survivors.

If this is true why is society so busy trying to make us all weak and scared. Who benefits from having a weakened fearful mass of people.

Who benefits from the constant endless FEAR/OBEY slogans and propaganda? Are the ones beating the drums of doom and gloom the same ones that profit from mass chaos and panic? Does any of this even matter and what can we do to opt out of it all together? It is obvious that the pay off has been big for those who set out to weaken the human spirit and keep populations divided. The largest transfer of wealth in human history is currently taking place right under our noses. All human rights superseded including the right to breath oxygen… where does it end and will it end?

What can an intelligent, rational, grounded, decent human being do to stay sane and even thrive in a time where there is very little unity or sanity left.

What is the antidote to constant chaos and non ending Drama around us? And it is non ending, I do not see an end in sight for this, because it works for those who benefit from it and they have been doing so for ages… they’re not going to stop now… unless we do what our ancestors did before us when their way of life, their liberty, their wealth were threatened. We must opt out of the system all together, and do so in large enough numbers to make a difference. On an individual level you can start today! Break up with your TV. Cable boxes gone bye bye, turn them in and unplug completely.. separate from this corrupt system… dump the fear consciousness and embrace your true self. Turn inwardly, get in touch with yourself, heal your traumas, learn as much as you can about your self. But where do I start on this journey of self discovery some of you may ask? The first clue is in your past… your very very distant past!

The answers to all these questions is really simple, too simple actually that many don’t pay attention to it. The answer is inside of you…. But you have to get to the core of you to find it and how can you do that if you allow your mind and your spirit to be invaded and assaulted on a daily basis.

End the cycle of toxicity and abuse… that is the first step… self sabotage and self abuse is what we open the door to, when we allow society and its corrupt institutions to dictate how we should live and think. I view breaking away from toxic societal paradigms, the same way I do a toxic abusive relationship…. I end it!  I completely disengage and never look back…I learn as much as I can about what happened and why it happened so that I do not repeat the same mistakes. I question and thoroughly examine anything before accepting it as truth. I invest in myself and my personal evolution, spiritual, emotional and intellectual … I dump anything that interferes with that process…I learn to get more in tune with my spirit.. I do more of what I love.. I study what interests me and enriches my existence.. Any relationship requires work and patience.. your relationship with yourself is no different. For me, the journey of self discovery and higher self awareness, required I go inwardly a lot , and thats how you will learn who you truly are, and its on this journey that you not only find peace but also absolute freedom…

Today make a pledge. Take some time to check in with yourself, how are you doing? How are you really doing right now?  Do you like where life is headed? If not, examine why.

If yes, still examine why and apply that which has worked for your in previous times of struggle…. Eliminate what does not work, and expand what does work! Make it simple, make it very simple. I know I have… my pledge is to stay away from anything that hurts me. Done!

Repeat after me… I remove myself from the unacceptable …. Be it a person, a situation, a political or ideological association, a place. Whatever it is take a step today towards self love and personal evolution. None else can do it better for you than you can!

Ask yourself is it possible to abandon it all? What is the consequence of shutting out toxic external influences?  Freedom is one consequence, peace and prosperity are others. But you must do so quickly before whats left of your sanity is claimed by more bad news and boogie man narratives.

And again we can be certain of one thing right now, no matter which side we are on we are bound to witness much that makes us unhappy. That is a guarantee in the current climate we live in. Will there be more chaos? Yes!  Will there be more desperation and disharmony? Yes of course, but how we handle it is completely up to us. Whether you choose to stay plugged into the fear networks, or comply with toxic institutional dictates, or opt out I wish you well. I really truly do… and I hope you make your pledge soon… I share mine with you in hopes that it does for you what it did for me.

My pledge for 2021 is as follows ( feel free to apply it if you like )

To live a toxic free life, which means anything that hurts me I stay away from.

Very simple and short but it is all I need.

What is your pledge? The time to set the tone for your life in 2021 is now before society sets for you. When institutions fail you turn to your kin, when your kin fails you, turn to yourself and to nature and especially the latter because that one will never conspire against you. When I say turn to yourself I don’t mean to your ego, because that always conspires against you. When I say turn to yourself I mean inwardly, turn to that which society has sanctioned through the many great limitations it has imposed upon you through centuries of anti spirit conditioning.

Turn to your spirit… it has to be more alive now more than any time in history… you need to be in touch with your true self…..

Understand that everything around you in society has been designed to alienate you from your true self…. To keep you fearful and obedient… dependent, anxious and lost ….Understand that there is a spiritual battle of epic portions taking place.. understand that this is a test….

Will you win? Can you win? The answer lies within your willingness to cultivate true self awareness….

Solid unwavering self awareness is the answer….I can honesty say that my self imposed exile from society has paid off and I know it will for you too… The greatest gift I received was during that time, a time where I had nothing left to loose, and none to turn not even God for many of my prayers went unanswered…Nothing changed for the better until I learned to love myself…Nothing! What I gained cant be measured or quantified, I was rewarded immensely for loving myself enough to say “screw you” to anyone or anything that was harming my spirit…

You see those who go on brain washing the masses know, that you can not abuse a people who love themselves,,,, they can not misinform a people who think for themselves…. They can not break a people who are self reliant and strong…. They know self love and self awareness is the greatest weapon the masses have at their disposal if only,  they knew they had such a weapon….

When the world fails you… turn to it and say what I said: “screw you and your matrix of abuse…. I have me my true self and I… suffering does NOT have to be my reality”

Be in the spirit flow my friends! Be in the spirit flow and anything that takes you out of that sacred flow you dump immediately…

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