Shadow Casting: How To Recognize It And Save Yourself

Shadow Casting: How To Recognize It And Save Yourself

“May every evil eye in my life go blind & may my eyes stay peeled open in the presence of those who cast their shadow”

The concept of the evil eye goes back thousands of years! This is a real phenomenon with devastating consequences if you do not recognize and stop it quickly! Shadow casting is similar but has distinct characteristics I will be describing here in this article. You will learn more about this phenomenon, along with my tried and tested techniques that worked to not only protect me, but also to cast the evil back on the sender. Exorcise the demons in your life, learn to stay sharp and stay 20 steps ahead!

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About the Author:

I have always been spiritual and in tune with the non physical aspect of the earthly existence. I believe the universe has a way of guiding us forward throughout our lives, with the help of guides, synchronicity, and our innate knowing also called intuition. I was blessed with the gifts of Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience among other Psychic Abilities. I combine these tools with my life experience, and the channeled wisdom of our benevolent guides on the other side of the veil to bring answers, clarity and direction. Channeling the higher realms has been the greatest source of joy and life transforming experiences for both my clients and myself. I make the most of each interaction with both client and guide. My focus is to bring forth awareness, awakening, empowerment and healing through channeling. I am here to teach you how to tune into higher consciousness, reclaim your God given power, and attain self mastery!