1. Timezone: Are the appointment time slots shown in my timezone? Yes the booking calendar automatically displays appointment times in your timezone. You do not need to worry about making the conversion. 

2. After completing my booking, do you call me or do I call you? I will call you at the number you provided on the booking form, so please make sure you enter the correct phone number. Your information is kept private and secure, I do not sell or share any of your information. 

Please make sure you keep your appointment, I do not offer a rescheduling or cancellation service at this time. If you need to reschedule after you already booked your appointment, you can let me know when I call you at the original time and date you chose. I will be happy to move things around for you if I am able. 

 3. Do you need information about me such as my DOB before my reading?  No I do not need the DOB to give a Psychic Reading, but feel free to tell me briefly what you want from the reading and how I can help you. Once I establish a connection with you and the situation at hand, you can share with me anything you would like me to know. 

A successful reading, is a collaboration between the Psychic and the client, in very much the same way a session with a therapist or counselor can be. I always encourage balanced constructive sharing! 

DOB Exception: If you are seeking a Soul Plan Reading or Numerology Chart the following information will be needed  for my calculations: Time Day Month Year City & Country of Birth. There is a science to this and once the precise calculations are made in combination with my psychic interpretation, you will be astonished by what is revealed. Think of it as your own unique soul code! I am always amazed by how much information I can extract from numbers, here are some quick examples to name a few:

  • Who you were in past lives
  • Who is your ideal partner
  • What music and colors bliss you out and even heal your ailments
  • What celebrities or powerful people share your sensibilities
  • What business you can easily succeed in and prosper from
  • What city & residence is perfect for your particular life path
  • How your home should be decorated and arranged for maximum peace and enjoyment
  • How to optimize your nutrition based on your life path and personality number
  • How to optimize your overall health and longevity

Who does not want to know all that about themselves? How much easier and happier would life be with this kind of knowledge? Forget Astrology my darlings, thats too limited, vague and only affects this tiny microcosm we call our solar system.

Let me introduce you the language of the eternal: Divine Mathematics & Geometry!

4. Do I need to prepare for my reading ? Yes of course you do! A Psychic reading is essentially an energy exchange that requires openness on your part to flow well. The success of the session is as much your responsibility as it is mine. To get the most out of your session, please apply the suggestions listed here.

How To Prepare:                                                                                                 

  • Have your questions ready and make sure they are specific  
  • Be receptive, honest and solution oriented 
  • Be mentally and emotionally peaceful as we’ll be sharing energy
  • Quiet your mind and ground your energy before your reading (Specific Instructions Below)

Relax & Ground:

Try this a few minutes before the call

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed during the session  
  • Sit comfortably and begin to find some stillness  
  • Gently close your eyes and begin to connect with your breath
  • Go through 4 deep breath cycles and release all tension on the exhales
  • Relax your forehead, then your Jaws and neck
  • Relax your shoulders and keep your spine supported
  • Imagine your aura expanding about 4 feet in all directions
  • Now bring your awareness to what it is you would like clarity on  
  • Set positive intentions for this reading
  • Gently open your eyes and wait for my call

What To Avoid: 

  • Getting a reading while you are driving
  • Getting a reading while in an office or room with other people
  • Too much motion or noise as this can disrupt the energy flow
  • Vague questions such as “what do you see” or “what is ahead” 
  • Speaking in the imperative, interrupting or being disrespectful 
  • Being closed off like a fist – Honestly do not get a reading if you are that cynical 
  • Dwelling on problems, negative thoughts or negative feelings

Sure we discuss problems and challenges during our sessions, some are very complex and painful. I will touch on many things in great detail, but will only dwell on the solution! That is the only way I can help you create a solid action plan to achieve your desired outcomes. No matter how difficult the situation is, a solution will only become visible when our minds are clear. 

I work diligently to hold the space for you in a way that is supportive, positive, safe, and judgment free. The primary focus of my work is to help you achieve balance and build your confidence up so you can make the right choices in life.  

I am not just a Psychic who tells you “what is going to happen” although I am very good at it. I am a problem solver, coach and educator, using all the tools at my disposal to put you and hopefully keep you on track. It is up to YOU to apply the information and guidance effectively. I do not control your destiny, nor do I encourage dependency or any other form of self sabotage.

5. Can I Share photos with you and how? Yes you can share photos with me prior to the reading by emailing them to the same email address you receive your booking confirmation from. Please email photos and names only, avoid telling me anything whatsoever or asking me anything until we speak. I generally like to keep the external sensory stimuli to a minimum, but photos can often be very helpful in Mediumship readings. A picture of a deceased loved one helps me connect with his or her energy. Other types of readings where photos can be especially helpful are: Animal Communication,  Real Estate or Business Viability Assessment and House Hauntings – Clearings I need to physically see the location of the paranormal activity to determine what type of energy or entity we are dealing with. Once I determine that, I will clear it energetically and give you specific instructions to keep your home protected. 

Please do not under any circumstance email me for any other reason! I do not take kindly to those who break my boundaries, and harass me with things like “Do you have time today” or “I just wanted to update you” or “Quick question” or “Thank you” email that is not a thank you email and more of solicitation for free services. I totally ignore and stop helping anyone who does that. Does anyone like to have their inbox clogged with intrusive work emails sent to them during their personal time? Life/work balance is important and should always be respected…No exceptions.

6. Do you give general Psychic Readings? If by general you mean, you do not have questions or a specific area of concern then the answer is no. However, you can ask about anything that concerns you, so long as it remains within the bounds of what is ethical and respectful of others’ privacy and free will. 

 If you still feel drawn to a more general reading, then please consider my Soul Plan Readings, Numerology, Past lives and Life between Incarnations readings. I do take a more general approach with them and do not require questions or a target as I do with my Telepathic or Remote Viewing readings.   

I like to use an analogy when someone asks vague questions like “what do you see?” Imagine your life is a long movie, and by long I mean several hours long. Now imagine me the viewer, trying to find which scenes to review. When you give vague questions or no point of focus, I am left to aimlessly navigate the movie scenes. When you give me clear concise questions I can zoom in, fast forward, pause, and rewind effectively. The latter also saves time & money.  

A general Psychic reading is best suited for a Tarot card reader who opens up the deck, and interprets whichever cards come up. Using divination tools for a reading requires interpretation, which can be very subjective. It may also compromise the integrity of the reading when done incorrectly or by someone who is not genuinely psychic. While Tarot and other tools CAN be very good when used correctly and combined with Intuition, the interpretation of the reader should always remain objective in order to insure accuracy and quality.  

 7. Do you record the sessions or allow recording? No. Due to privacy and proprietary rights I strictly forbid recording of my readings, or communication between me and anyone else. Also strictly forbidden, is any third party participation or eavesdropping, transcribing, or publishing of any of my sessions. My readings are private, one on one sessions between me and my clients. I am a private citizen who enjoys the same legal rights to privacy as my clients do.

By booking a session or reading with me you understand and agree to the following: 

  1. The “No Recording & no publishing without my written consent” policy is non negotiable and applies to all services.
  2. No third party is allowed to listen in, transcribe, publish or even participate in any of my private readings, classes or hypnotherapy sessions without my express and written consent.
  3. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of the call and legal action if my rights are violated.
  4. No refund will be issued to the violator for the remaining time. 
  5. Insights, techniques, coaching and all other information I provide during my sessions are my intellectual property, as outlined in the terms and conditions portion of the payment and check out.   
  6. My mind, body and soul are the instruments used to gain and disseminate the information I give you, therefore none other than myself has any rights to or ownership of it whatsoever.  
  7. You will not record, transcribe, publish, transfer or profit from any portion of my communications with you or my intellectual property without my express and written permission.
  8.  When booking a session with me, you are purchasing a specific amount of time only. Any information I share with you to help you is meant to be used for your own development and not to be sold, transferred, published or profited from. Paying for a reading does in no way mean a transfer of ownership of the information from me the provider to you the recipient, because I not only share my psychic insights but also my unique personal techniques, sacred ancestral knowledge, and words of wisdom from my spirit guides who do not take kindly to excessive greed, deception or plagiarism. 

8. Can I email you updates and additional questions after my reading with you? No! As noted above, I keep things fair and professional which is why I work by appointment only. I keep my personal time and work time separate, any attempts to reach me outside of the confirmed appointment time or to submit requested info, will be considered harassment and are absolutely not welcome. I only keep clients and friends who are honorable, trustworthy human beings. Most rules are generally the result of past repeated abuse. If everyone in the world was honest, we would not need laws and rules in society. In a distant future, I see honesty and honorable conduct making a come back but until that day, this rule stays in place!

I have a strong tendency to encourage independence, self reliance and self power because it wasn’t until I harnessed them that I found my true self and purpose. Isn’t it grand that we are all here on a journey together? Isn’t it grand how life facilitates our learning and growth every single day? I am honored you chose to share your journey with me, I promise to deliver my best to you and hope you allow my humble guidance to elevate you and expand your field of possibilities like I know it can…  

Do You offer free services? My blog and podcast are free yes! I also gift those who are deserving without even being asked. Who doesn’t like rewarding good taste and good manners?

Honey VS Vinegar: You get more freebies when you are genuine, kind and respectful : )

Do You offer free psychic readings? Not anymore unfortunately, because I leaned my lesson and learned it well thank you! It is a basic human right to be compensated and appreciated for honest labor, time and life force expended. Service to others does not come from thin air so when someone takes care of us, whether it be providing much needed answers, healing or council, they are giving us what is priceless and unquantifiable: Precious life force and hard earned wisdom! 

Psychics, Coaches, Therapists and Healers are no exception to this rule and enjoy the same basic human right. I heard too many unfortunate stories of healers, psychics, therapists, nurses, doctors and other caregivers being mistreated, exploited and abused. I can not tell you how many times I have gone the extra mile for my clients without them even asking me. I NEVER do this for anyone who is abusive, rude, arrogant, greedy, irreverent or too cynical. None enjoys toxic parasitic energy, especially your psychics! We feel everything so intensely which is a blessing when we give readings to kind compassionate human beings like you!


All My Love  






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