30 Min Phone Session

30 Min Phone Session




THANK YOU for visiting my website and choosing to book a session with me! If you are a returning client, I am deeply grateful for your loyalty and confidence in my work.

Are you new? Welcome, I am happy you have chosen to expand your spiritual understanding. Here are a few suggestions that will help you better prepare for your reading.

  • HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS READY For more information please read my FAQs and Seekers page.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR QUESTIONS ARE SPECIFIC Vague incoherent questions may result in unclear answers.
  • BE OPEN, HONEST AND RECEPTIVE Because you benefit immensely when you are. Have you ever noticed how those who suffer from an aversion to truth or insist on remaining disconnected from themselves and reality, rarely ever make any meaningful progress in their lives? 
  • BE PEACEFUL AND RESPECTFUL I always reward good manners and good taste! You never know how others can bless you or what gifts they have in store for you. When you are kind and gracious the blessings flock to you like butterflies. 
  • QUIET YOUR MIND AND MEDITATE BEFORE YOUR READING Please be mindful of the energy you bring to the reading because it will absolutely dictate the quality of your experience. The brain can not register important information when it is too stressed or anxious. Use the steps I describe in the FAQs under “How To Prepare”.

  • To The Skeptic reading this please do your research on your own and learn about ESP before you call another psychic. There is no excuse for staying in the dark especially now with all the hard scientific evidence and plethora of scientific information about this topic. I can suggest several books and educational video presentations by Neuroscientists and doctors working in this field of research, but it is not my job or responsibility to convince you. I am definitely not interested if you come here closed off like a fist and expect me to wow you. Be reasonable, be intelligent and empower yourself with knowledge.
  • If you are now beginning to spiritually open up and wish to expand your understanding of consciousness, congratulations you’ve come to the right place! If you are not, but still feel the need to put yourself through a useless exercise of “convince me”  please go read reviews and testimonials, that’s what they’re for. If you’re still not convinced then go study, learn and practice, you may just surprise yourself in ways you did not think possible. 

  • My sacred space is not a dumping ground for toxic energy or non ending drama! Do not expect me to keep solving one problem after the next, read your future, hold the space for you to vent and complain all the time. If you suffer from severe recurring anxiety, depression or other types of emotional imbalances, please consider my Hypnotherapy services which have been extremely helpful and even life changing for those who have tried it. There are however, cases that require a qualified Psychotherapist who can properly diagnose and prescribe medication. I always recommend you see a Holistic one who is not heavy on the drugs and understands what affects the human body as a whole (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Spiritual). Without a complete integrative approach to physical and emotional ailments, there can be no true or complete recovery. I do my best to help you heal all four: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically, If you make a solid commitment towards these goals! I can even prescribe spiritual medicine, interpret your dreams and read your destiny but ultimately it is up to you to make that commitment. One reading or two are certainly not enough to accomplish that!


  • If you block the energy flow due to fear, cynicism or a desire to deceive, please understand that you’re only sabotaging your yourself and missing a great opportunity to change your life for the better. Why spend money and waste your time and mine? It makes no sense at all, yet everyone once in a while I get someone like that. Usually it ends with me not wanting to help them or read for them ever again, we cant help those who do not want to be helped.  

  • Always remember this is your reading, if you sabotage the flow of energy you are sabotaging your own results!

  • Those who are looking for a punching bag to take out their frustrations on, go buy one at a sporting goods store they are cheaper than a reading with me and very effective at channeling rageful energy!

  • I take no credit and accept no blame. This is specifically directed at those, who have the habit of seeking predictions/timelines REGULARLY, and pestering many psychics every week. I am not a gossip psychic sorry! Life does not happen to us, we create our reality and draw to ourselves compatible circumstances and people. Try to think and behave in a way that is more compatible with the good that life has to offer. You can not do that if you’re all too willing to delegate the responsibilities for your life and hand over your power to others.

  • If you need to vent about what is going wrong in your life, please do so responsibly! There is a more constructive and economic way to sort out your feelings and thoughts, consider a Coaching Session which is cheaper than my readings, because it consumes a lot less psychic energy and life force. None should ever have to absorb someone else’s negativity, pain or anger. Put it all on paper and release it out of your body without harming anyone else, then book a session to get the proper guidance/coaching… You will thank me for this later!

INFORMATION IS LIGHT Remember to visit the FAQ and Seekers pages on my site, for more information on how to approach a reading positively and responsibly. I also invite you to read the product description of my Hypnotherapy, Past Lives and Soul Plan reading services. Please explore the other amazing tools for personal growth I offer you, there are gifts waiting to be unwrapped if you just let your heart guide you : )

RELATIONSHIP READINGS If you are seeking one, and currently in a relationship but you have difficulty interpreting your partner’s patterns of behavior, emotions and intentions…I am here FOR YOU! I will be very useful to you, not just because of my highly developed intuitive abilities, but also because of my advanced understanding of Behavioral Psychology and human nature. If you have been or are currently being ABUSED by a partner, or anyone else I am here for you as well! I will invade the minds, and Auric fields of the abusers to thoroughly expose them to you, and tell you everything you NEED to know to protect yourself from their abuse. I will tell you why they do what they do, when they are planning to strike AGAIN and how to best deal with them and heal the pain they have caused you.

These are the times where I have absolutely NO problem Psychically Spying on and invading another person’s consciousness. BUT If you are calling about someone you are not and never were in a relationship with, and/or have not been abused by them,  please do not expect me to invade their thoughts and feelings for your benefit, because this I do consider morally wrong and repugnant. 

It is NOT morally wrong to spy on evil if the intent is to stop the unnecessary suffering it may cause an innocent person. 

  • The point I am trying to make here is, it’s NOT ok for anyone to request Psychic Spying on someone else unless it is for pure positive intent “Better understanding of their behavior patterns to improve quality of relationship” or “Stop abuse before it happens” or “Gain insights into how to be in harmony with those you interact with on a regular basis”.

USE YOUR TIME WITH ME WISELY! Please ask intelligent questions! Put your money and time to the best use possible. Instead of asking me to spy Joe and Nancy with whom you have no relationship, ask me to help you heal this sickness and how to develop your self confidence and self awareness to such a degree, that you no longer care what anyone else thinks or feels about you. Ask me to teach how to stop self sabotaging, so you never sell yourself short again! 

  • Examples of unintelligent questions: “How much does Joe like me” You should know that by the way he treats you.

Or “Will I be happy if I buy this house” or “Will I be happy if I stay with Joe” If your happiness is attached to persons or things outside of you, then you’re in big trouble and need to wake up ASAP. Happiness is a choice, and your life choices are your responsibility! I can only tell you what I see and help steer you in the right direction if you allow it.

House Energy I can read and and describe in great detail if you need to know why the energy is off or disharmonious. I can also read the energy of a business or commercial space to see if it is conducive to success and prosperity before you invest in it. If you need insights on how to make your business more profitable and successful, I can help you with that too. I have a great deal of Commercial Real Estate, and Business Management experience under my belt, just ask me to coach you business wise if you need.

PLACE LEARNING AND PERSONAL GROWTH ABOVE ALL! Ask me to TEACH you how to heal various sicknesses of the mind and spirit. How to overcome your limitations, how to end years of self sabotage programming so you never sell yourself short again. I can assure you if you choose this higher route, you will be rewarded immensely!