A Soul Plan Reading

A Soul Plan Reading




This reading is 60 minutes long, in which I calculate and interpret your Numerology Chart, as well as psychically tap into your original incarnation plan (Akashic Records) to uncover your true life purpose, who you were and why you came to Earth. 

Please note: Once you booked your session, you have to email the following information to info@stellargrace.com 

  1. Dob 
  2. Full Birth Name (Not your married name please)
  3. Time Of Birth
  4. City and Country of birth 

This is an excellent tool If you have been wondering why you are here, what your soul purpose is and what path you were meant for. Numbers are the language of the universe, which is why numerology provides much more precise information than astrology for example. Numerology encompasses astrology and is far superior to any other divination tools ever used, because it leaves nothing vague or misunderstood. Numerology is concerned with the Macrocosm, and it is very hard to misinterpret numbers! The universe we live in is mathematical and loves codes. Astrology is very primitive and limited because it is only concerned with the Microcosm. It can only interpret energy patterns based on planetary and stellar alignments within this solar system, but it can not tell you what your soul resonance/energetic codes are for example, which is extremely important when we try to understand our purpose here.

A Numerology Reading will help you learn the following;

  • Why you incarnated
  • Who’s idea was it
  • How was your life blue print designed
  • Who helped you design it
  • Your soul type: teacher, student, healer, warrior etc….
  • Your soul purpose by decoding the numeric sequence of your name
  • Ideal places for you to live in
  • Who are your ideal friends or partners 
  • What your ideal soul group is (your tribe)
  • Success cycles for business
  • Optimize your health based on your numeric resonance (even down to which foods to avoid and which foods promote your happiness and well being)
  • Past lives and the recurring theme(s) from one life to the other
  • What is blocking or sabotaging you
  • Your numeric signature

Please do NOT email me any questions or for any other purpose. Save your questions for your reading with me, I will not answer any questions by email, and will wait until your appointment time to give you all the information you need to know. 



Thank you!