Hana’s Parts Therapy

Hana’s Parts Therapy




The Immense benefits of this service include:

  • End the chronic disconnect with yourself
  • Significantly reduce anxiety and “fight/flight” mode (Severe Chronic Anxiety requires multiple sessions to treat effectively)
  • Open your intuitive abilities and other spiritual gifts
  • Solidify your trust in your self which makes it easier for you to remain grounded during the most difficult times
  • Experience a more balanced life on all fronts
  • Achieve better sleep
  • Improve the quality of your dreams
  • Increase your focus and cognitive abilities
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Other significant benefits not listed here will be unique to you and your subconscious library, which is why this approach is customized to your own unique personality, challenges and qualities.

This hypnosis session is about 2 hours from start to finish ideal for those wishing to journey deeper into themselves, to identify the root causes of their physical ailments, emotional pain, mental and spiritual blockages. This is a more integrative and comprehensive healing approach, because it leaves no part of yourself unexplored, unlike traditional psychotherapy which fails to explore the spiritual part of you, leaving you feeling incomplete despite months or even years of psychotherapy and use of psychiatric drugs.

A more complete, integrative healing can not occur until all four parts of us are better understood and healed individually.  A more in depth understanding of your patterns, requires working with all four parts; physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. This by far has been the most effective tool I’ve used personally to heal my trauma and undo self sabotaging patterns from my early childhood programming.

Hypnotherapy is my tool of choice because it remains one of the most effective therapeutic methods for dealing with numerous mental and emotional issues. It is a fantastic proven tool for facilitating inner work on a much deeper level than traditional therapy or counseling can.

This session is 2 hours long from start to finish, for each additional 30 minutes there will be an additional charge of $30

Hanane is IACT Certified in both Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression