Past Life

Past Life




Where has your soul been? Ever wonder why you have a strong affinity for certain places you’ve never visited? Certain time periods/eras perhaps? Certain people feel so familiar yet you just met them? Do you have vivid dreams in a different body, in the company of strange people that seem so familiar or in a different place that feels more like home? Do you wake up from such dreams greatly disorientated, or perhaps even nostalgic? Have you developed a mysterious physical condition which doctors could not cure or explain? Do you have strong phobias that can not be rationally explained? These are typical signs you’ve had past lives… cellular memory can express itself in the form of unexplained affinities, phobias and even physical ailments from your past lives in different bodies across time.

Find out where you have been, and what happened to you before this life! A past life regression can help you gain a much deeper understanding of who you are, how and why you function do way you do. It can help facilitates healing and releasing of past traumas, limiting beliefs and more.

This session is NOT A READING. This session is a Past Life Regression which is very similar to my other Hypnosis sessions, only this one is focused primarily on taking you back in time to explore PAST LIVES.

The session is an hour and 30 minutes from start to finish, for each additional 30 minutes there will be an additional charge of $30 

Hanane is a certified IACT Hypnotherapist and holds an additional certification In Past Life Regression