Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions2021-01-04T16:41:55-06:00


1)Have voluntarily agreed to participate in this session & schedule this session of your own volition.

2)Are at least 18 years of age and have not been declared incompetent.

3) Hanane Ouazzani reserves all rights to her intellectual properties which include the entire content of her readings, sessions,  courses, course material whether over the phone, online or in person. Hanane Ouazzani also reserves all rights to any and all published material on her website www.stellargrace.com

4) By booking a session you understand and agree NOT TO RECORD AT ANY TIME  during a reading, session or class with Hanane. You understand and agree that recording is not allowed in ANY session reading or class and that purchasing a reading does not grant or transfer to you any rights whatsoever to her intellectual property, which means you can not record, publish, repurpose, copy transcribe or circulate any portion of her readings, sessions, classes or published material.

5)Understand that all sales are final & refunds will not be granted once services, classes, gallery readings, digital goods, products or services have been purchased.

6)Understand that once you book a session it can not be cancelled or rescheduled.

7)No refunds are issued for a missed appointment.

8)Understand and agree that sessions, classes, gallery readings, digital goods, or spiritual services are not a substitute for psychiatric care, medical diagnosis, medical treatment, financial advice, or legal counsel.

9)Understand and agree that is your responsibility to determine if you need medical treatment, psychiatric care, legal counsel, or financial advice and if you require such services to seek them on your own as needed.

10)By participating in a session you accept complete responsibility for your own medical health, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical wellbeing.

11)Have read this and fully understand the agreement and agree that booking a session, class, gallery reading, or purchasing a spiritual product represents signing, accepting, and agreeing to all of the conditions stated within this agreement and includes release of all possible liability of Hanane Ouazzani her affiliates and assignees.

12)Hanane Ouazzani reserves all rights to All Intellectual (The entire content of readings, sessions and published material on www.stellargrace.com.  Purchasing any of Hanane’s services does NOT assign or license any portion of her intellectual property (readings, sessions and content) to the buyer in this Agreement no other assignments or licenses of Intellectual Property are granted whatsoever, whether expressly or by implication or by estoppel. 

By booking and paying for a session with Hanane Ouazzani you understand and agree  to these terms and are legally bound to them.